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New Director of Engineering|New Office Opens

Maitri Services announces launch of their Kathmandu, Nepal Office and Welcomes their New Director of Engineering

Boston, Massachusetts, October 2, 2023 - Today Maitri Services announces the opening of its newest office in Kathmandu, Nepal. This expansion marks a significant milestone in Maitri's commitment to de-risking offshore resourcing and adding value to their US clients by utilizing the talents of their Nepali employees. The Kathmandu office will serve as a hub for Maitri’s product and software development initiatives.

Due to the scarcity of quality developers in the United States today, Maitri's offshore development center in Kathmandu, Nepal, becomes an even more valuable resource. With over 15 years of offshore experience in Nepal, Maitri offers quality offshore development teams that provide a cost-effective solution for businesses, ensuring faster project delivery and reduced time-to-market, without compromising on excellence.

Maitri’s three founders, Jeff Rick (CEO), Julie Ditta (COO) and Robert Woollam (CTO) all share deep roots in Nepal and take pride in their history of mentorship and the professional development of some of the best talent Kathmandu has to offer. With this new presence, Maitri aims to strengthen its connections by continuing to provide jobs and leadership to Nepal’s young workforce.

Maitri is also proud to introduce Abhinayak Swar as the Director of Engineering leading the Nepal office. Abhinayak brings with him the experience of leading product development and data management teams over the last ten years. In this role, he will guide and build a culture of technical excellence with his teams.

During his tenure at, Abhinayak displayed outstanding leadership as the Director of Engineering, overseeing diverse cross-functional teams in the web3 domain. Prior to this, at LogPoint, he made noteworthy contributions as an Engineering Manager, effectively managing large technical teams, fostering collaboration, and achieving successful project outcomes. His professional journey began at Deerwalk Inc., where he laid the groundwork for his career and eventually advanced to an Engineering Management position, spearheading teams and playing a pivotal role in the development of key products. Beyond his impressive professional track record, Abhinayak finds joy in music, fitness, and mindfulness.

Abhinayak states, "I am thrilled to embark on this new adventure with Maitri Services, reuniting with familiar faces and simplifying intricate challenges for our clients. Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of constructing enterprise applications for clients of various scales worldwide. Whether leading compact, closely-knit teams or larger, cross-functional groups, my enduring passion for proficient engineering and effective management has consistently propelled me toward delivering successful results. I eagerly anticipate leveraging my expertise at Maitri, collaborating with our talented teams to foster innovation and deliver first-rate solutions for our clients."

Abhinayak worked for Chief Technology Officer Robert Woollam while at Deerwalk, Inc.

Robert states, "We are absolutely thrilled to have Abhinayak as the leader of our Nepal operation. During his tenure as the head of the analytics team at Deerwalk, we experienced exceptional growth. He served as a strong leader, successfully managing the challenges of an ambitious roadmap and rapid team expansion. His steady hand and desire for smart but simple solutions aligns perfectly with our organizational philosophy. There is no one else we would choose to embark on this journey with, and we consider ourselves exceptionally fortunate to have Abhinayak as part of the Maitri family."

Maitri’s executive team is excited for the expansion of their operations and leadership team in Nepal and this growth represents their dedication to expanding their global footprint while delivering unmatched value to Maitri’s clients.

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