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Maitri Services Announces Launch

Announcing the Launch of Maitri

Boston, Massachusetts, September 14, 2023 - Today Maitri Services, an innovative, professional services company, officially launches with a proven model of enabling offshore resources in Nepal to build high quality SaaS platforms, Maitri is set to deliver unparalleled value to startups and small businesses.

Maitri excels in de-risking offshore resourcing with its innovative approach to product development, automation and scalability. By pairing teams in Nepal with experienced executive leadership in the US, clients are assured that the appropriate accountability and oversight are provided throughout their engagements.

The philosophical approach that Maitri applies breaks down complex problems and projects into consumable iterations that help reduce the common trappings of software and service development. This strategy allows Maitri clients to deliver world-class products and services at a fraction of the cost, making for an unbeatable choice in the market.

Maitri is led by a trio of founders who are dedicated towards mentoring and advising businesses on developing products and operations that leverage offshore teams in Kathmandu Nepal. With a passion for innovation, and a wealth of expertise in software design, operational workflow, data management and building strong culture in offshore teams, the team is poised to drive the company's growth and success:

Jeff Rick, Co-Founder and CEO: Jeff boasts a successful 30-year software career, excelling as a talented executive, engineer, and architect. As CEO and Co-Founder of Maitri Services, he leads an all-star team, crafting software solutions for clients and partners. Notably, he co-founded Deerwalk, serving as COO and CTO, and shaped Rezzonate’s tech vision as its CTO and co-founder. Earlier, he provided hands-on execution and guidance at esteemed companies like Cisco Systems, WebEx Communications, and Jeff’s genuine passion for empowering people is evident in his leadership style. With a wealth of experience, he stands ready to help other companies achieve similar success.

Jeff states, “Drawing from 15 years of experience in building and running our offshore team in Kathmandu, Nepal, we are eager to collaborate with startups and small to midsize businesses, offering them our experience and infrastructure, giving them the opportunity to grow rapidly while ensuring top-notch quality and cost-effectiveness.”

Julie Ditta, Co-Founder and COO: Julie is a dynamic operational expert with 30 years of leadership driven by a deep passion for fostering organizational culture, motivating teams, and driving operational excellence. As COO and Co-Founder of Maitri Services, her strategic mindset and hands-on approach leads to remarkable cost savings and elevated productivity for her clients. Julie held pivotal leadership roles in Fortune companies across various industries including Cedar Gate Technologies, Deerwalk, Optum/Change Health and Tenet Health Systems. With her passion for weaving together the intricate thread of culture, people and operations, through Maitri, Julie is ready to help propel their clients to the next level for company growth and scalability.

Julie states, “I firmly believe that a happy and motivated team drives innovation, exceptional service, and fosters long-term partnerships with our valued clients. Recognizing that the success of the company is built on the talent and dedication of its workforce, together we will create an environment where every team member feels valued, heard, and empowered. Collaboration is the key to innovation! I’m thrilled to start this journey with my long term friends and partners.”

Robert Woollam, Co-Founder and CTO: A veteran engineering executive with extensive experience in technical execution, software development and team leadership skills, Woollam drives client development activities. His most recent role was as Senior Vice President of Engineering at healthcare disruptor Deerwalk, Inc., which was later acquired by Cedar Gate Technologies. In this role, he showcased remarkable technical execution and team leadership skills, overseeing all development activities. Prior to his tenure at Deerwalk, Robert co-founded the social media startup Rezzonate and earlier as an engineering manager in Cisco Systems' collaboration software division. His earlier career included work in the financial industry in Boston, contributing to product development at Dataware Solutions, which was acquired by Sungard. His expertise will be instrumental in enabling clients to develop innovative products that cater to the evolving needs of their customers.

Robert states, “I’ve helped architect, develop, deliver and maintain successful commercial products in both the fintech and healthtech spaces resulting in multiple exits. I’m excited to be able to work with entrepreneurs and established businesses to assist them in meeting their own goals. The experience I bring to the team will ensure we are solving our complex customer needs through the application of simple and proven technology and practices.”

Maitri has experience in several verticals including Healthcare, Procurement and Financials Services. Their expertise is specifically focused on solutions leveraging Data Management, SaaS applications, Business Process Operations and Automation in a highly cost efficient manner. This commitment to efficiency ensures that their clients can focus on their core competencies, confident that their processes are streamlined and optimized.

As the tech landscape continues to evolve, Maitri is committed to being at the forefront of innovation, transforming businesses, and impacting lives positively. Maitri is thrilled to embark on this exciting journey and invite you to join in shaping the future of SaaS solutions.

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About Maitri:

Maitri is an innovative, professional service company redefining automation, scalability, and cost efficiency in the tech industry. With a visionary leadership team and cutting-edge technologies, Maitri empowers businesses worldwide to thrive and succeed.

Maitri Services. Navigating Complexity. Delivery Simplicity.

MAITRI (मैत्री, My-Tree) means benevolence, loving-kindness, friendliness, amity, good will, and active interest in others.